Maryland / DC


Fiber Optic Float Switch No Mercury, No IS Barriers, Wet Wells
Process Weighing Systems / Networking
Loads Cells, Platform & Floor Scales Weight Indicators, Controllers, PLC I/O
Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meters Elite, F series, R series , T-series, H-series High accuracy (Municipal)
Signal Isolators, Splitters, Alarm Trips, PID Controllers, NCS Ethernet I/O, Modbus / Hart Converters, I-P , P-I MooreHawke Fieldbus Device Interface
Alarm Auto Dialers, Landline, Cellular Wireless, Cellular Control Channel, Data Acquisition and SCADA
Pressure, Level, Temperature Transmitters Magmeter Flowmeters, Ultrasonic, Radar Level Transmitters, Wireless HART (Municipal)
Analyzers, Transmitters, Sensors for
pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, Residual / Free Chlorine, Nitrate, Ammonia and Turbidity (Municipal)
Radar Tank Gages – REX, PRO, RAPTOR Custody Accuracy, Redundant Radar, Foundation Fieldbus / Wireless HART (Petro Terminals)
Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection LEL, Oxygen, H2S, Chlorine, Ammonia Open Path Gas Detection
Industrial Wireless 4-20mA digital radios, Serial, Modbus and Ethernet Radios