Central & Eastern Pennsylvania


Fiber Optic Float Switch No Mercury, No IS Barriers, Wet Wells
Process Weighing Systems / Networking
Loads Cells, Platform & Floor Scales Weight Indicators, Controllers, PLC I/O
Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meters Elite, F series, R series , T-series, H-series High accuracy (Municipal)
Signal Isolators, Splitters, Alarm Trips, PID Controllers, NCS Ethernet I/O, Modbus / Hart Converters, I-P , P-I MooreHawke Fieldbus Device Interface
Pressure, Level, Temperature Transmitters Magmeter Flowmeters, Ultrasonic, Radar Level Transmitters, Wireless HART (Municipal)
Analyzers, Transmitters, Sensors for
pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, Residual / Free Chlorine, Nitrate, Ammonia and Turbidity (Municipal)
Radar Tank Gages – REX, PRO, RAPTOR Custody Accuracy, Redundant Radar, Foundation Fieldbus / Wireless HART (Petro Terminals)
Industrial Wireless 4-20mA digital radios, Serial, Modbus and Ethernet Radios
Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors, Single, Dual & Multi-Wavelength Transmitters